Our History

Our expertise in the field of phenol, urea and melamine resins is no surprise. The world's first synthetic plastics were produced at our headquarters in Erkner in 1909. Since then, we have been constantly developing ourselves and our products in order to be able to offer you the highest quality in the future as well.

Prefere Resins HistoryPrefere Melamines HistoryPrefere Paraform History

Prefere Resins History

2019Integration of INEOS Melamines & Paraform
2018Silverfleet Capital becomes new shareholder of Prefere Resins
2016ICG becomes additional shareholder of Prefere Resins
2014Acquisition by capiton AG
2013Formation of Prefere Resins within Dynea to focus on the European phenolic resins market
2003New brand name: Prefere® family of resins
2001The new Dynea company name and identity are launched worldwide
1992Funk Chemie Group acquired Erkner site
1971Foundation of Neste Chemicals
1949Dyno Kjemi Norge established in Norway
1918Perstorp AB becomes 1st Scandinavian plastic producer
1910Erkner was the first industrial production site for plastics worldwide
1907Inventor Leo Baekeland registered U.S. patent for the synthetic resin Bakelite®

Prefere Melamines History

2019Integration by Prefere Resins
2011Integration of the European melamine & benzoguanamine resins business from DSM
2005Integration of the melamine resins business by INEOS and formation of INEOS Melamines
2003UCB / Surface Specialities buys this combined resins business from SOLUTIA
1999SOLUTIA acquires VIANOVA Resins and both resins business are combined
1997Monsanto spins off its chemical business, calling this new company SOLUTIA Inc., with the melamine resins product line as a part of this spin-off business
1995Change of ownership from CASELLA AG to HOECHST AG, Site CASELLA. Later this year HOECHST spins off its resins business into a new company named Vianova Resins
1970HOECHST becomes the major shareholder of CASELLA AG (75% HOECHST, 25% widely held stock)
1940First production of melamine resins the CASELLA Site and the Monsanto site in Springfield, MA, USA
1935Discovery of melamine resins at the CASELLA site in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Prefere Paraform History

2019Integration by Prefere Resins
2012Start of Methylal Production
2003INEOS acquires Methanova and forms INEOS Paraform
2000Capacity expansion for hexamethylene tetramine
1999Establishment of Methanova GmbH
1977First cyanates production
1968Opening of the large scale production facility for paraformaldehyde
1947Start of hexamethylene tetramine production
1934First paraformaldehyde production
1931Takeover by Degussa AG
1895First production of formaldehyde
1876Industrial production of vinegar essence
1865Chemical Industry Association in Mainz (Verein für chemische Industrie)
Prefere Paraform Melamines Resins High Quality